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ultimate-latias1997 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010
PokemonPlzIcons Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
:iconraichuplz3::iconraichuplz4::iconsaysplz:Hello! Would you be interested in affiliating with :iconpokemonplzicons:? It’s not a club, but it's an informational account that has journals with numerous Pokémon plz icons for Pokémon fans. :)

thirteenz Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist

We have some seirous f*ing trouble guys ther'es a PREADATOR on DA somewhere listien to this coped and pasted form :iconClairredfield:



I am begging you to read this, there is an online stalker (!jere1234, !Caeruleum, !kyakuchuu -- all the same person) who recently attacked a dear friend of mine,*Kays-elle-belle . DA has resolved the situation, but this situation is something people need to be cautious and aware of. He has been blocked but theres always a chance that he'll make another account. Im going to post what's in her journal and if you notice any patterns of similarity, please contact DA IMMEDIATELY. This guy has gone thorough great lengths to contact my friend such as making new accounts and pretending to be other people who he's not. If you would, PLEASE copy this entire message and let other DA members know about this threat. the more people know, the better chance users have of not becoming a victim. So please,read, copy and post this again so this information can spread and no one else gets hurt. There is safty in numbers and this sort of thing needs to be stopped!

Read on to see whats in her journal and if you have any questions, contact her here *Kays-elle-belle . She'd would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have so this can be prevented. Please let this word spread.

:devkays-elle-bell:'s Journal from this morning-

"I am begging you to read this, it will explain the last journal and also warn so this won't happen to YOU.

!jere1234 IS !Caeruleum IS !kyakuchuu.

This man is most likely a serial killer or sexual predator of some sort. Deviant art staff is handling this for me right now. The man originally added me as Jere1234 and then he notified me that he would be switching to Caeruleum. He asked that I add him. Thinking he was just some nice man who liked my artwork I said "Sure, why not?" On this account he began writing some poems about and TO my girlfriend Kayla, and I. I began to find this odd but being an overly naive and trusting person I was polite about it, commented the poems, thanked him, so on. He wrote a poem about a lifestyle choice that I thought he spent alot of time critisizing for being different than his own and I believe I posted a comment as simple as "Gosh, what have you got against that, anyhow?" The man literally flipped out. He not only wrote two journal entries condemning me and calling me things between immature and evil, but he also sent me notes telling me how "disappointed" he was with me. A man that I don't know in real life, have only talked to online for a few days, is "disappointed with me." He blocked me, and I blocked him back.

Not long after I began to get several favorites and then a watch from the account !kyakuchuu. I noticed the similar style of poetry and similar interests but I hate people who make assumptions and I'd rather not be one of them, so I just figured it was another poet with similar interests. "Kyakuchuu" soon after began calling Kayla and I "muses" and writing poems about us as well. 2KL he called them-- and informed me that this meant "To Kayla and Ellie" There is a numerous list of them in his gallery. He favorited absolutely every work of mine with Kayla in it along side of me and also any of my pictures that showed my feet. (foot fetishist, obsessive personality: bad sign) He wrote me notes telling of his extensive admiration for Kayla and I, his plans for other poems about us, thanking me for being his "inspiration". All of this seemed very creepy, but I was always thinking, what if this is really just some eccentric old man minding his own business, and he just hasn't got anything better to do. I would hate to just hurt some innocent old man by lashing out at him for no reason. HOWEVER upon talking to Kayla about this, she has taken criminal justice classes. She said that many of these traits sounded like BAD traits and BAD signs. She told me about a type of serial killer called "collecters" Who will collect information, pictures, anything about their subjects, and obsess over them, for a long time before they make any move. She told me that alot of the time these men will be too smart for their own good and seem kind of innocent but mostly very mysterious. I have never let on in this site where I live as far as I know, all of my friends sites that are nearbye me say they live in different places (Luxembourg, Canada, UK, anywhere...) and I was afraid that the longer I spoke to him and tried to be polite because I wasn't sure, the longer I had to slip up somehow and for him to figure out where I live if this was truly his intent.

Well hopefully DA will do something about this, no more little girls need to be preyed upon from the comfort of their own homes. I am not a stupid girl, just too naive. Now that I started investigating it further I have found that this is DEFINITELY the same man, seeing as his first site has some of the same poems that are placed on the second site, and the second site has NUMEROUS poems that are placed on the site he is using now, !kyakuchuu. Some under a different name, but nonetheless, the same poems. That in itself should be grounds enough for being banned from the website. That's more than harassment, that's online stalking.

please I am begging you, complain to DA so they will do something.


the guy has made a new account under the name
'onlystockings'....DO NOT ADD HIM, BLOCK HIM!!!

More account he got O.o: sama555, Kays-elle-belle-fan, rexraptor42

Becareful everyone!
Shadowgabby Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2008
i love lugia and celebi and mew xD!!
i can enjoin pliiss!?
Nekozawa101 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
this might be intresting
eyelinerboyfan Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007   Photographer
Can I please join? I love everything about pokemon legends, I find them fascinating.
DarkLuzifer Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2007  Student Artist
65w 4d 20h 52m 18s... there's no chance to join, it seems...:(
TucanaTheToucan Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd like to join this club, but this club is going to need to honor more legendary Pokemon soon. I mean by the Daimond and Pearl legendary Pokemon. Do you have any plans for that?
megumicool Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2007
dark lugia! *o*
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